About us


I’m a personal trainer, fitness enthusiast, and an inventor with a passion to help others. 

My entire life I’ve had an extreme passion for fitness, training and bodybuilding. During my early years, I trained as a non-competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter. Eventually, I transitioned into helping others reach their fitness goals as a personal trainer and coach. I am always trying to find a better approach or method for my clients to reach their maximum fitness results.

Coronavirus Created a Change

When coronavirus hit in early 2020, I was forced out of my gym environment like many others around the world. With gyms closed for months, I was forced to train in my garage. Without a full gym at my disposal, I wanted to find new and creative ways to keep up my fitness regime. After extensive research, I stumbled upon band workouts. I was very curious about how useful bands could be for my fitness. I had never really introduced them into my fitness routines because I regarded bands as a tool for rehabilitation or for stretching before training. However, after reading all the beneficial ways to use bands, I knew I had to try it.


I began my journey to see just how far and how hard I could take band training. I truly pushed the limits of myself and my bands. I could immediately feel some powerful benefits from using bands. For example, nagging injuries that have plagued me throughout my life from years of bodybuilding and powerlifting had suddenly vanished. 


Something about stretching my muscles and tendons, along with the different levels of resistance the bands offered, made me fall in love with using bands. Bands are versatile in use, and can transform any workout. Bands are small, and simple to transport which made it easier to train while traveling or to use in a home environment. With the countless ways to integrate bands into my workouts, I was able to keep my muscle as well as train harder and longer due to being injury free. 


When the gym re-opened, I had no need to go back. No longer would I need to take 30-minute rides to and from the gym to get the workout I wanted. The bands allowed me the freedom to find creative and new ways to train each body part.

From Hurting Hands to New Inventions

While I truly enjoyed using the bands, I found myself having an issue while gripping the bands. The resistance levels I was using began to hurt my hands. I tried using gloves and handles, but they took away from the full impact of the band’s resistance. I knew there had to be a better way. However, after countless days of researching, I couldn’t find a product that would fix this problem. 


Inspiration hit to create a solution to my band issue. I began by cutting a PVC pipe to six inches. I cut a gap in it for the band to pass through. Immediately, I knew I was on to something. I spent time molding and modifying to create the perfect band solution.

6 Months and 20 Designs Later, Intense Band Fitness was Born

I was determined to create the perfect grip to fit my workout needs. It took a total of six months and over twenty designs until I developed the perfect grip to mimic a dumbbell. I was ecstatic to finally have a product that met my needs. Clients were curious about my product and would repeatedly ask how they could get their own set, as they had experienced similar band problems. I wanted to be able to share my solution with others who were facing a similar problem. With the support of my wife and family, I decided I would bring my grip experience to the world.

Are you ready to join us?

As of January 2021, I am finally in production of the Intense Band Fitness. I sincerely believe that you will find our grips to be the better way to do band training.


My goal at Intense Band Fitness is to inspire others to have the most effective workouts possible to be your best-self, push past your comfort zone, and conquer life’s obstacles.