Giving Back

Thank you for partnering with us to give to back for all the blessing we have. Proceeds of your purchase go directly to the immediate and long term care of the many abandoned and mistreated and abused children of the world. Together we partner to make a difference in the world.


Your not just buying a high quality training aide to help you acheive your fitness goals. Your giving back to a world in desperate need of love.


May God Bless You, Rodney

Hopegivers rescues children who are living in extreme poverty on the streets. Many have only experienced life in the slums, leper colonies, or on the streets where drugs and alcohol draw the naive and scared.


These innocent children are starving and alone, and they live daily with the fear of becoming victims of abuse or sex trafficking.


We rescue orphaned, abandoned, HIV/AIDS and at-risk children from the streets and place them in one of our Hope Homes where they are provided love and care.

Wish to give above your purchase? Donate here for a better future! All gifts are fully tax deductable.  All proceeds go to the direct cause your monies are intended!!