Empower Your Workouts With Intense Band Grips

  • Ergonomic Design: High-impact polyurethane with flex for wrist comfort.
  • Feels Like Dumbbells: 1.1" standard diameter with molded teeth to secure the grip.
  • Dual-Phase Resistance: Achieve concentric and eccentric resistance without “dead zones”.

Heavy Duty Door Anchor: Safety & Quality You Can Trust

  • Exclusive red dot system to ensure no one interrupts your training.
  • High-grade steel carabiner for quick band changes.
  • Durable, double-stitched material.

Patented Dumbbell Grips Let You Push That Last Rep Without Any Pain Whatsoever!

“There is only one rep that matters when it comes to kicking in the growth mechanism in the body to produce hypertrophy. That’s the last possible rep that you can do.”
~Mike Mentzer, Professional Bodybuilder

Here’s What’s Inside:

Intense Band Grips: Our patented grips that alleviate hand pain (1 pair).

Set of Resistance Bands: ¼”, ½”, ⅞”, and 1 ¼” bands for varied intensity.

Heavy-Duty Door Anchor: Train with peace of mind and stability.

Carry Bag & Workout Routine Poster: Your gym, ready to go wherever you are!

Train Anywhere, Anytime and Make TIme Work For You!

Busy schedule? No problem!
With Intense Band Fitness Grips, transform any space into your personal fitness zone in no time.
Snap in the resistance bands and embark on your fitness journey, your way!

Unlock Your Full Potential with Expert Advice

Rodney Alford, a fitness veteran with 39 years of experience, is here to guide you.
Get exclusive access to expert content and workout routines. You’re not just exercising; you’re paving the way to a better you!

“Forget everything you know about weight training when training with bands. We don’t want to just move the band up and down. You want to feel the contraction of each rep. Think of “THE SLOWER I GO, THE MORE MY MUSCLE WILL GROW” the time it takes to say that is anywhere from 3-5 seconds depending on how you speak. That will take the momentum out of the movement and place all stress on the muscle being worked”
- Rodney Alford

Who Benefits from the Intense Band Fitness Grips?

Busy Moms & Dads, Athletes, Seniors, Teens, Injury Rehab, Institutions

Take Control of Your Fitness Journey Today!

with Intense Band Fitness

Soccer Moms/Busy Mothers

Zero Learning Curve

Judgment-Free Zone

Sweat & Stream

Work-from-Home Dads

More Time, More Wins

Family Fitness

Defy the Dad Bod


Limber & Lethal

Gain the Edge

Defense Against Injuries

Silver Warriors

Home Comfort Champions

Age-Defying Vitality

Share & Inspire

Pre-Teens & Teens

Building Blocks

Confidence Surge

No Age Barriers

Injury Rehab

Gentle Recovery

Quick Bounce Back

Save on Rehab

Institutions (Schools, Centers, Churches)

Space & Budget Wizard

Total Wellness


Fits most standard loop and tube bands

Behind the Band: Intense Band Grip

Unleash an all-in-one body workout with the Intense Band Grip, tailored for fitness enthusiasts across all levels. Exercise anywhere - parks, home, or gyms - and elevate your workout experience.

No More Hand Strain

Ditch the discomfort! Our revolutionary design safeguards your palms and hands from pressure, letting you focus solely on crushing your goals.

Built to Last

Forged by a former bodybuilder and trainer, the Intense Band Grip boasts unbeatable strength to endure any workout intensity. Simulate the familiar feel of gym dumbbells, while adapting to varied band widths. Plus, with doubled-up bands, unleash lateral exercise power!

User-Friendly Precision

Setup in a snap! Secure bands effortlessly for seamless repetitions. Craving more challenge? Easily adjust resistance by sliding the band inside the grip - lock & load for the ultimate workout.

Seize Your Fitness Breakthrough

Empower your routine with the Intense Band Grip, the game-changing tool that brings efficiency, comfort, and strength to your fingertips.