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Avoid pinching, dead zones, band burn! The Intense Band grip was designed out of a love for resistance band fitness, but a dislike for common issues that come along with it. The Intense Band Grip is designed out of the strongest, high-impact Poly Urethane to support your most strenuous workouts while eliminating common resistance band issues. Our band technology is simple – “pop” your resistance bands into the grip, and you’re ready to go. Your bands will make you feel like you’re holding an actual dumbbell. 



  • Patent pending design
  • Molded teeth ensures your band stays where you put it
  • High impact
  • Comfort
  • Ease of use
  • Actual Dumbbell feel
  • Fits 4 size bands all in one grip
  • 1/4"  (.25)
  • 1/2"  (.5)
  • 7/8" (.875)
  • 1 3/16"  (1.18)

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  • 5
    First workout with grips

    Posted by Brad Kowerchuk on Jun 16th 2023

    Hey Rodney, thanks for the great service and getting these to me in Canada! I just completed my first workout (arms and shoulders), and these grips really help! I've had resistance bands before but really didn't like using them for anything other than stretching. Now I can see putting together a whole routine and easily being able to take everything with me when I travel. One note; I did find the mid and heavier bands a bit hard to insert. I suspect it will get easier over time as the handles break in, but by prying the handles a bit I was able to insert even the heaviest band in. Love how simple these are and expect to get a lot of use from them!

  • 5
    If you want to make the most out of your bands, increase the enjoyment of using them, or get yourself using them more often, you should definitely get Intense Grips.

    Posted by William Chau on Jan 12th 2023

    I have these (obviously) and love them so I want to write a review to help anyone thinking about purchasing them. I also own the Rogue band handles and I've tried a few others including the Clench Fitness and Valor Fitness. And I've also attached regular old d-handles to bands from all different kinds of brands like generic chrome ones, Mark Bell Shake Straps and Spud Inc. I can say that these Intense Grips are my new favorite. First, I love that these come from a small business and are still reasonably priced. These things are solid and change the way band feels. You get such an improved stimulus using them and because they're so directly connected with the band, there is no play and you feel all the tension very well. They feel great in the hand and I love them for push exercises like shoulder press, pushdowns, chest press and chest flies. You can tell that the compound used in the material is high quality and the engraved branding and knurled pattern show a great attention to detail. I have a hodgepodge of different bands from elitefts, Rogue, Westside Barbell, Serious Steel, Iron Infidel and Gaiam and these work with all of them. I would say the only time I still use my Rogue band handles is when I'm combining multiple bands. Using two thin bands with the Intense Grips works well, but using multiple thick is a bit more and either takes extra time to get the setup to work or just isn't possible depending on the thickness. Most average people wouldn't get to the point where this would be a problem though, so it's nothing to worry about. Not a big deal to me because once you stack up enough bands, they'll be thick enough in your hands where the need for handles/grips goes down a bit. Overall, if you want to continue to have the flexibility of loop bands with the ease of grip of loop bands, these are the way to go.